Review: MSR MugMate camping coffee filter

If you’re anything like me, coffee is not an optional extra but an essential, especially if I’ve had a less than optimal sleep in a bivi bag. I have, over the years, tried several different methods to making coffee whilst out camping. I started using instant coffee sachets. I really Continue Reading

Review: What I think of the Primus Camping Toaster

After years of eating nothing but porridge whilst out wild camping, I started looking for alternative breakfast options. In particular when car camping I do enjoy toast, crumpets, or even a nice “posh breakfast muffin”. I started looking at options and purchased a Primus Toaster. This toaster folds completely flat, Continue Reading

Techniques: How to tie three essential knots for pitching a tarp

Pitching a tarp is not necessarily a difficult thing to do, but investing some time learning a few knots will definitely make the experience more enjoyable and increase your confidence when you are pitching your shelter. There are three knots that I use routinely when pitching my tarps. The clove Continue Reading