Camp Cook: How to make “Posh” Breakfast English Muffins

Camping posh breakfast muffin

Despite the title, there’s nothing that “posh” about these muffins. They are very simple and use few ingredients, but taste way better than the endless porridge that seems to be the mainstay of camping, especially when out wild. If you are wild camping, eggs can be carried in egg carriers you can buy from many sources, you can also put butter and Hollandaise into small screw-top plastic pots. I wouldn’t cut the avocado in advance though. Take a small pen-knife and use that to peel and slice it just before you eat.


Per Person:

  1. One egg.
  2. One English muffin.
  3. Half an avocado.
  4. Butter/Margarine.
  5. Hollandaise Sauce.
  6. Salt and Pepper.


  1. First cook the egg. In my opinion this recipe is much better if the egg is poached. You can do this easily, even when wild camping, by using poaching pods that you can buy from all good kitchen shops. Put the egg into the poaching pod and bring to the boil with the lid on. If you are using a single hob, the secret here is to undercook the egg as it will continue to cook in the hot water when you are toasting the crumpet. The best way to check is to gently wobble the poaching pod (be careful not to burn your fingers) until you can see it’s cooked but quite wobbly. Once it reaches this point, take it off the hob. Don’t worry if the pod floods and some of the egg end up in the water as mine did here – it will be good I promise!

2. Whilst the egg is poaching, which should take around 3 minutes, slice the muffin and then the avocado. If you prefer you can mash the avocado. As soon as the egg is cooked (but not fully as above), remove from the heat and leave the lid on. Immediately replace the pan with your toaster and start toasting your muffin. I used the Primus Camping Toaster for this. Your muffin will look something like this. Don’t worry if there are one or two blackened bits – as long as it’s not completely burnt you’re ok! Remember to keep turning the muffin regularly, again be careful not to burn yourself.

3. Butter the muffin, and apply a good layer of Hollandaise sauce to the bottom half, before applying your sliced/mashed avocado.

4. Finally, remove your egg from the poaching pod. You will probably find you need to scoop it out using a spork. Try not to break the yolk as you do it. Season to taste, then put the top of the muffin on.

Make sure you have some kitchen towl to hand as it’s going to be messy eating. If you did it right, it should look like the below. Doesn’t that look better than freeze-dried breakfasts? Totally doable when wild camping. Enjoy!

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