Review: What I think of the Primus Camping Toaster

Primus Camping Toaster on Dartmoor

After years of eating nothing but porridge whilst out wild camping, I started looking for alternative breakfast options. In particular when car camping I do enjoy toast, crumpets, or even a nice “posh breakfast muffin”. I started looking at options and purchased a Primus Toaster. This toaster folds completely flat, and fits in the interior pocket in my Hyperlite Mountain Gear 5400 Porter backpack.

It weighs around 200g, but for me personally I consider this to be ok for overnight trips for the luxury of having toasted products in the morning. It assembles quite quickly, and once assembled has two ‘layers’. The first is a gauze, which goes directly on your camp stove and glows red hot within seconds of being placed on the flame. The second is a few centimetres above this and you place your bread or whatever you want to toast on there, as you can see below during a bivi on Dartmoor.

Because the flame from the stove is obviously circular, the red hot area of gauze is too, and this isn’t ideal for toasting bread. You do have to keep moving the bread around to toast evenly, watching that you don’t burn it. It works, but it’s not ideal as you can see here.

I have found it’s preferable to toast crumpets or English muffins, as they pretty much are exactly the same size and shape as the heated area. You do need to keep an eye on them to ensure they don’t burn, but it works! A small pot of butter and jam means a ‘proper’ breakfast whilst out camping. It’s not perfection, but it’s certainly a good option if you don’t mind carrying a luxury with you.

Primus camping toaster in action

It seems reasonably robust as well, having been on several trips with me, including being in the pack strapped to the front of my packraft whilst I shot rapids across Scotland. The picture above was taken at Grandtully campsite after said trip, and shows the gauze quite well, as well as showing you that you can actually toast with it!

In case you might think it’s limited to breakfast, it’s also possible to toast garlic bread on it. I bought some that should be baked but I toasted it and it came out ok as you can see.

Cleaning is straightforward. Things don’t ‘stick’ to it, so mostly it’s just brushing the crumbs off and letting it cool off before repacking it. You can of course, give it a wash in soapy water when you get home if you particularly feel the need.

If you do wish to purchase one, you can click the below link. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This helps me to maintain the site. Thank you.

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